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Tinnitus Support Group Launches 13th July 2017

Louise and Adam, the cofounders of Tinnitus Rooms will be hosting the first FREE tinnitus support group. So come along to Dragonfly Lifestyle at 2:30pm on the 13th July to learn more about Tinnitus and make some friends in the process.

co-founders of Tinnitus Rooms
Louise and Adam, co-founders of Tinnitus Rooms

What does a Tinnitus Support Group involve?


Dave Carr from the British Tinnitus Association will be joining us for the first tinnitus support group. He has had many years experience in the field of tinnitus and will be giving an overview of tinnitus and current best evidence based practice. He also has vast experience in setting up tinnitus support groups and so his valuable input will help guide the next session.


Socialising is the most important part of any tinnitus support group . After the masterclass there will be plenty of opportunity to sit down and relax with other likeminded people. This is not compulsary and you will of course be free to leave at any point but we do encourage people to stay for a nice cuppa to make the most of the experience.

Tinnitus Rooms support group
A tranquil space to relax and unwind

What is Tinnitus Rooms?

Tinnitus support groups are often charity funded events but our goal is to stand out from the crowd. We have sourced high end teas and coffees from various sponsors. We also offer a peaceful space for everyone to gather and socialise in the vibrant setting of Greenwich Market. You will be welcomed with open arms to a comfortable and unjudging environment. This gives you the opportunity to talk freely about anything and everything. As well as this, our masterclasses will help you understand and manage your tinnitus better. So if you would like to meet other people with Tinnitus and also learn a thing or two get in touch today using the form below.

Tinnitus Support Group
Mel and Jane socialising at our last event

Register your Interest today:

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One-to-One Consultations

private tinnitus consultationThe free group sessions are just the tip of the iceburg for Tinnitus Rooms. We also have a large network of professionals at your disposal. If you feel you need extra support or can not attend the free support group then please get in touch for a private consultation with Adam, the co-founder of Tinnitus Rooms.

Adam is a fully qualified experienced audiologist. He completed a masters module in tinnitus rehabilitation and has many years experience working with the hearing impaired and individuals with tinnitus. Adam will be able to provide you with invaluable help and guidance along your journey. He may also provide recommendations for other therapies such as relaxation training, indian head massage, counselling, nutrition, and more.