Tinnitus Rooms Is Now Online

We are proud to announce our first ever online group meeting.

We are aware that this will not replicate meeting in person but we are adapting with the times until we receive notification that we can meet again in person.

Partnered with Adjust Hearing

We have teamed up with Adjust Hearing. We are using this company to host our meetings as they use GDPR compliant video conferencing facilities which have live captioning. This means that even if you have hearing difficulties you should be able to follow the conversatiton well.


Ice Breaker -10 mins

We plan to start each meeting with our ice breaker. You will be given the opportunity to speak for one minute about a rose and a thorn.

A rose is anything that has made you feel satified, happy or warm and fuzzy. It doesn’t have to be tinnitus related. An example may be that you found the time to tuck in to a good book.

A thorn is a recent challenge you have encountered. Once again, it doesn’t have to be tinnitus related.An example is that you didn’t find the time to go for a walk today.

Tinnitus Talk -15 mins

Prior to each meeting we will send through a recent tinnitus news article. It may be about new treatments, management strategies, or perhaps about emerging research.

We will then allow each person the opportunity to talk for one minute to share their thoughts and opinions on this. You can of course opt of this minute if you do not feel comfortable.

After this, we will have an open group discussion for 5 minutes. The facilitator will control the room to ensure that people are taking their turn to talk so it does not become overwhelming.

Masterclass – 20 mins

Each session will have a chosen topic for the masterclass. The masterclasses are designed to educate you around various aspects of tinnitus.

The masterclass will have a 15 minute time slot. During this time, all microphones will be muted and no questions will be taken. This is to help with time keeping.

At the end of the 15 minutes, there will be a 5 minute open discussion to ask questions on the topic from our expert.

Tinnitus Tea Time – 10 mins

Get the kettle on, this is a quick 10 minute break where you can walk away from the screen and grab a quick drink.We will keep the meeting running to allow for an informal chat and discussion about anything and everything.

Mindfulness Moment – 5 mins

The mindfulness moment is the signature sign off from Tinnitus Rooms. It is about unwinding and reflecting on the meeting.

Your microphones will be muted so you can sit down comfortably in your chair as we guide you through the exercise.

At the end of the exercise we will unmute so you can all say good bye.


We usually offer our groups for free but unfortunately setting up online has cost a significant amount of money. We wish to deliver the groups to the same high standard we do in person. As such, we are charging a non-refundable £5 registration fee.


We are limiting each group to only 10 people. This is to ensure it remains personable and interactive. If you attempt to book on but all of the spaces are taken then please do send us a message. If we get enough additional enquiries we will look in to adding more meetings.

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