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Louise Hatch

Louise Hatch - Tinnitus Rooms

Louise Hatch – Co-Founder of Tinnitus Rooms

When I began to experience sudden onset tinnitus 8 years ago, it shook my world. The constant ringing felt unbearable. I couldn’t sleep, my work suffered, as did my health, my relationships were under strain and I felt fearful of the future. As the ringing did not subside I saw my GP who referred me for tests. This included a hearing test and it was there I was diagnosed with hearing loss. For me, but not for everyone, the tinnitus heralded the loss. I was devastated.

That day marked the end of one way of life. I was a singer and worked in music, and although I could still sing the noise levels were too much to contend with so I put my hearing first. In time and with much soul searching it lead me to a new way of life, a new world built on the silver linings that forced change can bring.

Over the past few years I have met some truly amazing people. They have guided me, supported me and helped me turn things around. I have learnt many things through trial and error and research. I have found ways that work for me with my own experience of tinnitus and I have regained my quality of life.

One of those amazing people I have met along the way is Adam Chell who, as well as being my audiologist, is now a friend and together we came up with the idea for The Tinnitus Rooms. It was born from a combination of first hand personal experience of tinnitus and the desire to provide professional holistic support, guidance and education within a welcoming and friendly environment.

For me, support and communication made all the difference…we hope, in time, it makes the difference for you too.

My best wishes to you,




Adam Chell

Audiologist of the Year 2017

Commended for Audiologist of the Year 2017

I do not have tinnitus but I am part of a minority that understands the significant impact that it can have on someone’s life. My life as an audiologist (hearing specialist) means that I regularly help individuals with hearing loss and tinnitus. I can’t provide a cure, nobody can at this stage, but what I aim to achieve with all my clients is a better quality of life. This usually involves education, self-awareness, and assessing the health of the ears.

My role within the Tinnitus Rooms is to make sure that all the information is current and in the best interest of everybody involved. I can provide hearing assessments and guidance as well as supporting you through your tinnitus journey. I also have access to a network of relevant professionals should anybody require additional one-to-one support.

My passion is technology and I also run a review website called Hearables Online. This looks at all the latest devices that are related to hearing and aims to provide unbiased reviews and information.

This is what I also want to achieve for Tinnitus Rooms: a safe place for anybody to come along and obtain good quality, reliable, unbiased information on Tinnitus. And so, if you have tinnitus or know someone who does in the Greenwich area then please do get in touch. We would love to hear from you.