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Greenwich Tinnitus Support Group ~ November 2019 Meeting

Our next free tinnitus support group meeting will be on Thursday 28th November 2019 at Tailor & Forge, 9 Durnford Street, Greenwich Market, London SE10 9BF.  Doors open 18.30.  Session closes 20.30.


Our November session “review & renew” will reflect on the past year, the topics we’ve covered, and the things we’ve learnt.  We will also be discussing the meeting content that group members would like for 2020.


There will of course be time for group discussions, 1 to 1 interactions and our closing mindfulness meditation.


A warm welcome, mince pies and a nice cup of tea awaits.

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  1. Daniel hamilton

    Hi have not been to the support group to date.i am suffering tinninitus for about ten years now, have considered and tried a range of remedies,ear plugs,seeing specialists at the ENT department of guys, have presently got earphones,to manage constant ear humming, but I am resigned to this , it seems rest of life affliction. I have thought of attending the group..but cannot see beyond having an opportunity to talk with others on the same ship.and I don’t see what this will achieve.can you enlighten me as to how I could achieve much more than this please?danny hamilton

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