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Tinnitus Rooms Awarded Gold Standard by British Tinnitus Association

British Tinnitus Association Gold Standard Award

On the 13th September 2019, Tinnitus Rooms (that’s us) were awarded the first ever Gold Standard Award by the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) for our Tinnitus Support Group based in Greenwich, London.

What is the Gold standard?

It is an award to recognise groups that provide the best support to the whole tinnitus community.

How was it developed?

In 2017 Aston University looked at the effectiveness of tinnitus support groups. (Pryce, H. et al 2019)

The major findings were that there is a sense of belonging and sense of hope from the groups. It is a way for finding likeminded individuals that remove the feeling of isolation.

From this study, Aston provided some recommendations on how to improve the standards of Tinnitus Support Groups. The BTA adopted these recommendations and created the gold standard. The BTA gold standard encourages the sharing of experiences, the use of accurate and up-to-date information and sharing responsibilities. They broke this criteria down in to six key performance indexes.

British Tinnitus Association Gold Standard Award Speech

Six Gold standard criteria

  1. Follow the Code of BTA ethics for support groups
  2. Up to date details of the group passed on to Support Group Team
  3. At least one group leader/helper to have accessed BTA training
  4. Attend of Organise at least one awareness raising / fundraising event per year.
  5. Up-to-date BTA information leaflets are made available at every meeting
  6. The group has at least one person taking on a role to help run the group


We are very proud to receive this accolade and promise to continue to offer this high standard going forward. We meet every other month to anyone that wishes to come along.


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